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daisy bb guns

Daisy.. Few product names in American history possess such overall public recognition. For kids and adults alike. Daisy today remains synonymous with hi rifles, more than 110 years after the company was founded.

When Daisy started, it had several competitors, including Matchless, Atlas, and Heilprin. In fact, the Markham Air Rifle Company had created a mostly wood and rather crude-looking rifle in 1886. Two years before Daisy got its start. Although they were competitors for many years, Daisy ended up buying Markham in 1912, renaming it the King Manufacturing Company in 1928 and dissolving it in 1931. None of these competitors, however. Possessed Daisy’s phenomenal business and marketing sense, nor its excellent product line. As a result, most of Daisy’s early competitors faded away. Over the next century, other companies came and went, hut none ever really challenged Daisy in the gun field.