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How to apply for a FFL license and avoid getting

How to apply for a FFL license and avoid getting denied by the ATF

Have you been getting frustrated with your research on getting your FFL? If so, then what youre about to learn is going to ease your mind. Many people, including those in high places in our government, would like you to believe that becoming a FFL License holder is a tedious and near-impossible task. And while the tedious part might be spot on in some cases, the fact is that its well within your reach to become a fully licensed FFL dealer!

But dont wait around when it comes to learning getting started because time could be running out. The Gun Control Act already severely limits out rights to handle, manufacture, and buy and sell firearms in this country. New legislation seems to be created all the time that aims to encroach even more on our 2nd amendment rights. Read this brief article to find out the fast and affordable way before its too late.
How to apply for a FFL License Make sure you are eligible first

Step one is simple: meet the basic requirements. If you dont meet these requirements then you wont be able to become a FFL dealer. The good news is that the requirements arent all that unreasonable.

For example, you need to be 21 years old or older, need to not be a mental patient or an illegal alien, need to not have ever violated any of the regulations of the Gun Control Act, need to not have been ever dishonorably discharged from the military. If you meet these and just a few other requirements then you can move onto step two.

Meeting the basic requirements is just the first step. Next youll need to complete the A.T.F Form 7 application available here. Sounds easy enough, but unfortunately it isnt. This is where youll begin to feel like the government might not want you to have that FFL license after all. The application and all the paperwork is full of confusing legal jargon youll have to try to interpret.

Along with the application itself, youll need to send in a photograph and fingerprints. Everything has to be done in the proper way and in the proper order. Even a misplaced word or seemingly insignificant smudge might make your application wind up in the rejection pile.

Unfortunately once youve been rejected you cant just reapply. You have to go through a complicated appeal process that takes months with no guarantee that youll ever be approved in the end. Many people looking into applying for a FFL license side-step the hassle by getting a FFL kit. A FFL kit will include everything that you need to fill out that application the right way the first time.

One thing you need to make sure of is that you buy your kit from a provider who truly understands the ffl permit because they themselves have gone through the complex process and been successful. Remember to be responsible with your weapons and store them in an approved gun safe especially if you have children in your home.

Now that you know how to apply for a ffl license click to make sure you get approved.

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